Let's Take It Outside!!

Ramped Magazine Available at Xtion!

Issue 1 of RAMPED Magazine – Asia’s No. 1 Paintball Mag – is now available at Xtion Paintball Park!

A brand new, bi-monthly paintball lifestyle magazine, RAMPED will be the first paintball lifestyle magazine to focus almost exclusively on the Asian market, covering everything from paintball news, tournaments and the latest gear to how-to guides and features on Asian players and teams.

The magazine, priced at RM15, will contain content on both speedball (played in the field) and recball (played in the jungle), and will also cater to all levels of play, from the seriously fresh to the hardcore, and will engage readers on an interactive level with on-going contests, a Q&A section, and reader reviews for gear and equipment.

With 100 pages of pure paintball, innovative writing style, and brilliant, attention-grabbing photography wrapped in a slick, professionally printed package, RAMPED is hot, intense, and brutally creative.

Get your copy at Xtion Paintball now!

For more information on Ramped Magazine, visit their website at www.rampedmagazine.com.


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