Let's Take It Outside!!


Testimonial from Cempaka School

Dear Mr Redza,

Thank you so much for making time to do an interview with us today in Xtion Paintball Park. We certainly had a great time playing paintball and have definitely learn a few interesting things that you so willingly shared with us through the interview.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jacqueline Tay

Cempaka School, Cheras

Testimonial from Mr. Ronny

Hi Redza.

How are you? Last time I forgot to thanked you for helping us to have a wonderful experience at your paintball venue.

Next time if I want to go play paintball I will surely find you guys.

Mr. Ronny

Testimonial from Mr. Boo

Good Afternoon Mr. Redza,

I wanted to tell you that we had a fun time last Saturday at your place.

Mr. Boo

Testimonial from Ms. Syuhadah

Dear Redza,

We had a fun time yesterday. Just want to say thank you.

Ms. Syuhadah

Testimonial from Mr. Bill Balaam.

Morning Redza,

Just a quick email to let you know that we had a fantastic 2 hours of paintball, all your staff are very professional and extremely helpful and made the morning a great success, I can promise you that we will all be returning in the near future.

Will you be emailing the photos to me?

Thanks again,

Mr. Bill

Testimonial from Ms. Chuei Yee.

Hi Redza,

Thanks for the game on Sunday. We did have a fun and thrilling experience and the boys are already planning for another exclusive fun at your place.

Just realised that your staff did took some photo for us, how can we get hold of this photos?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Ms. Chuei Yee

Testimonial from Mr. Paul Balsamo Jr.

Hey Redza,

Just wanted to thank you again for the games yesterday. The boys had a blast and you made it extremely easy for us to organize.  From ease of payment to a great facility with quality gear and friendly, competent marshals, well definitely be back.  Plus, ordering the pizza for us was a bonus!

Thanks again.

Mr. Paul Balsamo Jr.

Testimonial from Mr. Ian Hampton


Thank you for the the arrangements on Saturday much appreciated. Please thank you staff for their smooth running of the event.

Look forward to seeing the photos.


Mr. Ian Hampton

Testimonial from Mr. Al-Fitri Shah

Dear Mr. Redza,

I would like to thank you & your team for our paintball activity yesterday. All of us enjoy our self. It proved that with this event we can develop better teamwork and relationship among us….


Mr. Al-Fitri Shah Al-Badri
Executive Sous Chef
HOTEL ISTANA, Kuala Lumpur.

Testimonial from Mr. Andrew Susay

Dear Mr. Redza

Thanks so much for your hospitality. The kids enjoyed themselves and the parents were impressed. Your staffs were just professionals and very good with the kids. Will be back for my son’s birthday and will inform our friends about XTION PAINTBALL PARK.

Thank you.

Mr. Andrew Susay

Testimonial from Ms. Connie

Dear Mr. Redza

Hai, I would like to thank you & all of your staff for everything you did for us last Saturday.

We really enjoy a great time with XTION PAINTBALL.

Will highly recommend our friends to come and try paintball activity at XTION PAINTBALL PARK.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Ms. Connie

Testimonial from Ms. Razila

Dear Mr. Redza,

I had to leave around 11.30 this morning for a video call and missed the opportunity to express my thanks to you and both the marshals.

Thank you so much, my colleagues had such a great time at your facility this morning.  I am so happy to see them really enjoying themselves at the field.

We are looking forward to another session sometime next year.

All the best to you and may our paths cross again.

Best regards,

Ms. Razila

Testimonial from Mr. Ong

Hi Sir,

Thanks for the photo shooting services prepared by Xtion Paintball, with these photos, we can share the moments of having fun in Xtion Paintball Park to our friends and family.

So, when they see the photos they will be more curious and will get interested to join a session of paintball in Xtion Paintball Park with more people next time.

I wish you happy fasting month, may you have a healthy body, mind and soul, always with you.


Mr. Ong 

Testimonial from Holiday Venture & Sights Tour

To the General Manager,

We want to thank you for creating an exciting paintball competition for all the groups which we have brought last year (2010). Your professionalism and safety concern have in fact not only impresses all my clients but also myself when I joint in one of my client event last year.

Once again, we will be bringing the same school group of 80 students and 6 adults to Xtion Paintball for their Team Bonding Activities….

Mr. Kelvin Lee
Director (Outbound Tour)

Testimonial from Mr. Aizuddin Ismail

Best experience playing XTION PAINTBALL PARK ..you guyz are friendly..next time kiteorg bawak ramai lagi geng2 kiteorg .. =)

Mr. Aizuddin Ismail

Testimonial from Ms Tahira Ayesha

On behalf of Accenture, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team at Xtion Paintball for helping make our event such a success. My bosses are already talking about organizing another event over there, since we’ve all now gone “Pro”, haha. Unfortunately this will be my last week at Accenture, as I continue my studies soon, however I do hope to have many more events there in the near future!

On a personal note, thank you very much for helping me with my requests and questions. You have been truly helpful. Do take care, yeah?

Thanks & Best Regards,

Ms. Tahira Ayesha
Technical Architect

Testimonial from Ms Tee Ann Jie

We had loads of fun and even your safety brief was highly entertaining.

Saw the photos on your website, hilarious!

Thanks again!

Ms. Tee Ann Jie

Testimonial from Mr. Freddie Lau

Hi Mr. Redza,

Good Morning!

Thanks for provided us a wonderful paint ball games on last Friday!! Everyone of us are enjoyed the games and services that Xtion provided as well.

Good Job!!

BTW, appreciate if you could send us some of our photos to this email.


Kind regards

Mr. Freddie Lau
Sales Engineer

Testimonial from Mr. Leo

Thanks for the wonderful game this morning Mr. Redza . We enjoyed ourselves. I’m planning for another game on 3rd November. around 12 person will be joining us this time. I’ll confirm the booking with you around next week if it’s okay.


Mr. Leo

Testimonial from DELL Malaysia

It is my pleasure to convey the satisfaction and appreciation from our employees from last Saturday’s event at your premise which they thoroughly enjoyed. My commendation to your staffs who ran the event as they emphasized a lot of safety during the games. There were 74 Dell employees that day and I have received 43 feedback voting for ‘YES, I had fun and I want to go back there’ to date the votes are still pouring in.

We’re intending to have another event but the date have yet to be confirmed. Thank you very much for the successful event. We’re also in the midst of registering Rela Ria S/B as a vendor for Dell for future paintball events.


Mr. Daniel Goh
Client System Engineer

Testimonial from Kraft (M) Sdn. Bhd.

On 3rd September 2009, I was approached by the Sales Team to organize a team building activity to be held on 15th September 2009. The brief given was it was to be an outdoor challenge which would inculcate learning on effective teamwork and confidence building. I had less than 2 weeks to come up with this activity and I had already narrowed down my selection of activity to be based on paintball, now the challenge was in finding a paintball operator which would be able to customize an activity for the purpose in the lead time. To add to that, the activity would be during a weekday prior to the Hari Raya holidays which added to the complexity.

Xtion Paintball and especially their General Manager Mr Redza, came through wonderfully in building a fully customized scenario game which incorporated strong facilitation for my activity. Planning the activity was excellent and more importantly fast and we were able to get a final working plan within timeline and budget as well.

On the big day (15th September 2009), the activity was run excellently with professionalism. Starting with the safety briefing, I must say I was impressed with the way Mr. Redza conducted the briefing and his ability to ensure that all the participants paid attention to the important safety aspects of paintball as many had never played it before. He was also an excellent facilitator in helping the team plan and prepare for their scenario game. During the game, his management of the scenario was also excellent as he was able to coordinate the marshals to ensure a good flow of the game plus ensuring that safety was top of mind.

However the most important aspect of the activity which was the debriefing of each game was the defining part of our activity and a key reason why Xtion Paintball is my top choice for Paintball Team Building. Most other vendors will just put the participants into the game and then end the activity just like that. We played 2 games and ended both with a good debrief in terms of their performance as a team. My role was to be a co-facilitator with Mr Redza, he would provide insights into the team performance in the game in terms of key Team Effectiveness criteria like Trust, Goal Understanding, Leadership and etc… while I would provide insights into these factors as to their daily work like in the company. Our debriefing gelled excellently and feedback from the Sales Managers was that this was the key part of the entire activity. In fact, they are still using examples from the activity to remind the Sales Teams about their team effectiveness. Their overall feedback was that they were very impressed with the activity and Xtion Paintball’s facilities and organization.

All in all, I would highly recommend Xtion Paintball as a venue where companies would like to organize a team building activity as they are able to provide customization, strong planning and resources, professionalism and effective team building facilitation which is something I find lacking in most other vendors. I for one will definitely look forward to organizing another activity such as this with Xtion Paintball in future.


Mr. Kelvin Tan
Human Resource Manager

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  1. Wasiim

    Had an awesome time in there on the 26th of December. Will surely visit again very soon.

    January 1, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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