Let's Take It Outside!!

1 Peluru – The Paintball Reality Show

IMG_1137658658707851 Peluru – The Paintball Reality Show!

Published for RTM/TVi – Astro channel 180. Divided into 13 exhilarating & dramatic episodes! Featuring 16 teams from various background nationwide competing in 7 mysterious paintball challenges. All for the ultimate grand prize of RM 10,000 cash money!!

Initially teams are divided into 2 groups as follows:-

Team AlphaXtioneer, EJPC, Dark Knight, Kraken, Unknown, Tora-Tora, Badai Unite and Lost Boyz.

Team BravoSiren, The Abandon Of Jokerz, Royyan, KSK Flash, Mass Assault, Werdna Hol, Votolocos and Nightmares.

Xtion Paintball Park are lucky and proud enough to be the official venue for episode 1, 2, 5 and 6 for this historic paintball reality show.

You like to know which team grabbing the solid RM 10,000 cash money??  Click this link 1 Peluru – Paintball Reality Show to reliving this exciting paintball reality show!!


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