Let's Take It Outside!!

Media Coverage

Hitz.FM – the crazy & bodacious Hitz.FM Morning crew radio show.

DJ Ean Nasrun (Liverpool fan) & DJ Jinny Boy (Arsenal Fan) made a little wager that if their favorite team lost the match on 4th April 2015, the losing team will be line up in front of a firing squad (of the winning team).

Liverpool lost badly to Arsenal (1-4) and DJ Ean was in big trouble!!!

Checkout the paintball segment highlights via this link:


Checkout some of the ‘behind the scene’ pictures on 6th April 2015:


The Digi TV – What D Tech? (Online) – the vibrant & happening online tech show.

Hosted by their bubbly and ‘gizmo geeky’ host Mr. John @JohnLim and their 2 tech experts (Mr. Lucas @Luc_sohow from Lowyat.Net and Mr. Effi @10befiend from Amanz.my).  In this online program they will discuss about latest gizmo & gadget with a ‘out of this world’ testing style. Believed me they really do it differently.

Episode 1: Love taking photo’s on your smartphone? Looking for a smartphone which has the best camera suited for you? Look no further. Check out what our tech experts have to say as they put the camera phones to the test in a fun session of paintball. Samsung Galaxy S3 versus HTC One X…Let the battle begin!!

The paintball segment are featured on the What D Tech very 1st episode published on 12th December 2012. 

Checkout some of the pictures during the shooting process back on 19th November 2012:


Watch highlights from the show below:


The TV9 Usrah – the informative & happening Islamic educational TV show.

Hosted by the flamboyant Ustazah Asni Mansor. In this 30mins Islamic educational program they will discuss about “Iman lawan Nafsu” (Faith versus Lust). Also featuring both Paintball & Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil in the background.

The paintball segment will be feature on TV9 at 11.00am on 27th January 2012 (Friday).  Repeat show at 10.30pm on 2nd February 2012 (Thursday).

Checkout some of the pictures during the shooting process back on 12th January 2012:


The 8TV Go!Go!Go! Season 4 – the most popular & happening Chinese celebrity TV game show!

Hosted by the 4 bubbly and happening 8TV host Baki, Rickman, Orange & Mei Sim. The 1/2 hour game show basically featuring 4 celebrity guest to be split up either into Baki’s team or Rickman’s team. They will battle it out in several task and the loser will be penalized accordingly and the winner will go back with cool prizes.

The paintball segment will be feature on 8TV at 9.30pm on 29th January 2012 (Sunday)

Checkout some of the pictures during the shooting process back in November 2011:


The ENERGIZER Night Strike 2011 – the first ever night paintball tournament in Asia!

Organized by Energizer Malaysia, the Night Strike features seven-minute ‘speedball’ rounds incorporating a ‘capture the flag’ scenario, played completely in the dark with only UV lighting and fluorescent paintballs to complement Energizer‘s new Energy Beam brand image.

Watch highlights from the event below:


The ASTRO ARENA Aktifpedia – The Malaysian Premier Sports Channel!

Co-host by our very own General Manager and also Captain of Team X-FOX (Malaysian Division One team), Mohd Redza Bin Yusop.  In this Aktifpedia episode, Redza basically explained to Burn (the host) the basic ‘know how’ to be a serious paintball player. They also featured Paintball Asia League Series(PALS) HQ, Malaysian Marshal (MM), Team X-FOX, Team Pandamonium (Malaysian Division 2 team) and Team Vindicated (Malaysian Division 3 team) in this episode.

Watch highlights from the event below:

Introduction To The Paintball Tournament


The Paintball Marshal


The Basic Skills & Drills


The Game (Burn + Team X-Fox versus Team Pandamonium)


Interviews With The Paintballers



Asia Pasific Paintball Challenge (APPC) 2005 is the 1st and the most anticipated full fledged international paintball competition hosted by Xtion Paintball Park. With a major success in the Nation Cup 2004 (our pilot project, where we invited few international teams from the Asia Pacific region to be part of our dream in making Paintball as a mainstream sport in Asia Pasific),  APPC hosted more than 80 teams from all over the world (more than 10 countries) with special appearance by pro teams from USA such as Team Legacy, Ironmen & Dynasty.

Checkout the promo advertisement by our media sponsor TV3



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